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With over 20 years of timeshare experience, our well versed staff knows the “ins and outs” and will surely guide you in the right direction.


Not using your property this year? We can help you list your property and rent it to help offset some of those annual fees. Most of the time, our customers actually make a profit from renting their unused time.

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Joel C Royal
Experienced Traveler
I travel all year long and depending on the time of the year and the location can get pricey. I was at the Orange county convention center and met Dave With Advance Travel Network. He showed me how to save money and have better amenities and accommodations then 4 to 5 star resorts. I use them exclusively for travel now.
Carl T Mize
Excited owner
When I bought my timeshare I thought it was the biggest mistake I had ever made. I filled out a form online on how to turn my property into an investment. When Matthew contacted me he showed me that the timeshare can pay for itself and I can use the extra money left over to take vacation. Now for the first time I am excited to own my timeshare
Theresa D Helgeson
Highly Recommend
If you are a timeshare owner you can't not do this. I have had my timeshare for years and so many years I owned and paid I did not use. I finally after be told to call Advance Travel Network called and it was the best decision I ever made. If you own a timeshare call them now do not waste anymore of your time and money.
Gertrude R Hartman
Satisfied Customer
My grandmother had giving me her timeshare when she passed. I had no clue how to book it or how much it would cost me each year despite me using it or not. I luckily found this website shortly before my annual fees were do. I was contacted by Bridget and she was friendly and informative. Not just about how to rent my timeshare but everything about timeshares. Now Bridget is on my Christmas list and if you call ask for her and tell her Gerty sent you.
Iris J Haynes
Corporate Traveler
I am a business owner and I had noticed how much more my travel expenses had gotten over the past 5 years. I was in Las Vegas Convention Center and saw the Advance Travel Network station and it claimed to cut the cost of travel. I spoke with Abby and she explained to me how corporations are using timeshares for their travels. Abby was awesome and she had a great answer for each of my questions. Last year we were able to cut the cost of travel by 33%.
Angela Conner
Owning the timeshare
Don't let the timeshare company own you. This is one of the first thing I was told when I contacted Advance Travel Network. I was overwhelmed by how much it took to own a timeshare not to mention how to actually book it when I wanted it. It was most certainly owning me. The Friendly staff was so pleasant that once I was done I felt like I owned the timeshare company. Instead of me just giving money away to them every year, I get income every year.


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